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Ready for VS 2012?

Oct 10, 2012 at 2:49 PM

I am trying to get your Blob Share sample up and running on Azure using VS 2012 and noticed some issues

 1)      Complained about not finding FileUpload.xap when trying to publish from the content.  I just deleted it from the project.

2)      Azure ACS – I am having trouble getting it integrated.  It seems like it is trying to use the 3.5 identitymodel rather than 4.0

3)      Users – I ran the command script and tried to run the sql scripts for SqlAzure and it does not seem to like the setpermissions script where it is trying to add a user.  I admit I usually work on the desktop or have some DBA setup my SQL Server DB, so I am unsure what it is trying to do here and why it is not allowed.