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first post: brianmic wrote: Hi Guys, trying to step through the app and I can step through the ...

latest post: tangtc_2000 wrote: im using vs2012 to open the solution.

Ready for VS 2012?

first post: jfoegen wrote: I am trying to get your Blob Share sample up and running on Azure ...

Some feature suggestions for blobshare

first post: doherty100 wrote: Thanks for putting blobshare out there it is extremely useful. Her...

Force the call to the ClaimsAuthenticationManager

first post: markg wrote: Hi, I went through the implementation of BlobShare and one specifi...

Internal Server Error 500

first post: navidharandimsdn wrote: I noticed someone else posted a discussion with the same title but...

500 - Internal server error

first post: edmondnew wrote: Deleted

Creating Certificates

first post: Tylerd wrote: Hello,I am trying to get an Azure deployment of blobshare going and...

latest post: wwegner wrote: Take a look at the documentation we posted for the Windows Azure To...

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